ServerMeadows is a world leader in Server Burial and Cremation Services. Our expert team of professional server undertakers and server embalmers are able to;

  • Recover your servers final backups to ensure that its memories live on in its new chassis.
  • Embalm your End of Life Servers and place them in plots that range from 1U all the way up to a complete server rack.
  • Convince you that Server Burial and Cremation Services are a real thing and not just another April Fools Day Joke from a highly dedicated team of Web Hosting Industry Professionals.
  • Provide crisis counselors to help comfort your IT staff and help them heal.

Our Mission

Thousands of Servers die or are End Of Lifed every day and it is a shame. Within 10 years, 9 out of 10 servers will likely die. Loosing a server is often heart breaking to IT Professionals and Software Developers. Prior to ServerMeadows, it was normal for dead servers to collect in Storage Closets or are parted out.

Meet the team

Our Team Members
  • Keith Myers


    Keith Myers is a well known Industry Professional responsible for several IT related pranks over the past few years.
  • Brad Mason

    Director of Customer Service

  • Jacob Khanis

    Chief Marketing Officer

    A pilot and well known web hosting professional, Jacob has taken the role of Cheif Marketing Officer.
  • Screwdriver

    Funeral Director

    The Screwdriver is one of the most widely used tools in the industry and no server can be properly embalmed without one.
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